FAQs: How do I play DVZ?

How To Play DvZ.

  1. Read the FAQs or watch a tutorial.
  2. Wait for Rob to stream at twitch.tv/rurikar22 or say he is playing on his twitter.
  3. When he opens up sign ups (before a round), go to the sign up link.
  4. Fill out the sign up form, which requires you to answer a skill-testing question and state both your minecraft username and your e-mail. Be sure to take your time and answer it all correctly.
  5. If you are randomly chosen by the sign up program, you will be sent the IP via the e-mail you signed up with.
  6. When you get the e-mail, it means you are white-listed on the server, so connect to the server and enjoy some DVZ!

*The Official Dwarves VS Zombies 24/hr server is currently in an Alpha stage and can be tested on (aka the IP is) BrucesGym.com. 

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